Executive Master of Business Administration

Executive MBA

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4 semester
part time
EUR 25,900


Lead innovatively. Learn globally. Act strategically.

One of the hallmarks of the Executive MBA program is its comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to instruction. Experienced students will learn the latest management techniques and at the same time they will expand their professional and personal capabilities to have a better understanding of modern management expertise, preparing themselves for their next career step.

Main topics are Strategic Management, Managerial Accounting, Corporate Finance, International Business, Human Resource Management and Leadership & Innovation Management.

Study trips complete this innovative management program. These trips include university courses, visits to corporations and evening lectures.

DOUBLE ACCREDITED: The international university course is accredited by FIBAA and ACBSP. Furthermore the Danube Business School is a member of the PRME initiative launched by the United Nations.

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Target audience

As an experienced manager with some leadership experience, you want to enhance your leadership position or may wish to found your own company. Your existing management knowledge meets insights of cutting edge of research and practice, allowing you to hone your own strategic decision-making and leadership skills.


General Management Courses

  • Fundamentals of Management (ONLINE)
  • Business Analytics & Research Methods (ONLINE)
  • Applied Managerial Economics
  • Controlling and Reporting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Strategic Management and Development
  • Marketing Management
  • International Business
  • Business Ethics
  • Managing Complexity

Specialization Courses

  • Experiential LAB
  • Leadership LAB
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity
  • Strategic Innovation Management
  • Global Business Dynamics
  • Leadership Concepts and Change I
  • Leadership Concepts and Change II
  • Leading Strategic Business Change

Study trips

  • Silicon Valley (US)
  • Study trip to Silicon Valley (Canada) - Option to the courses “International Business“ and “Venture Capital & Private Equity“ at DUK campus

Master's Thesis

Practical relevance

Leading edge curriculum for innovative leaders - for an exceptional sustainable career.

The courses of the Executive MBA Program offer leading edge general management education aligned with international standards for ambitious executives. The Leader´s Program is distinguished by its modular structure: 16 on campus courses and 1 international study trip. The program, which is completed in four semesters, is designed as a part time study program. One module consists of several courses, and comprises six days of intensive learning and experienced-based knowledge transfer.

Admission Requirements

Study or an equivalent qualification according to regulations
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Total fees: EUR 25,900

Danube Business School Method

Increasingly managers are to address problems that are becoming significantly more complex. This calls for well-developed skills in dealing with uncertainty and conflicts.
In addition social skills and skills in group dynamics are getting more important role, as the enhancement of staff involvement becomes more crucial. In order to develop leadership ability in a constantly changing environment, decision makers must be able to successfully handle problems on an individual, group and organizational level.

  • Practical Knowledge: Deepening hands-on knowledge based on the experiences of successful practitioners
  • Theory: Communicating and expanding knowledge
  • Application: Bring your new learning into your workplace.
  • Case Studies: Learning and training by means of current business cases

What makes us unique?

The combination of

  • Internationalism of our staff and student body
  • Well established, highly successful, in-house teaching methods
  • International quality assurance
  • A combination of research and practice
  • Highest quality standards
  • Flexible programs and course formats
  • Well established and long-term links with industry and commerce
  • Europe’s leading public University for Continuing Education

This unique combination distinguishes all continuing education courses and programs at Danube Business School: the linking of scientific approaches with practice orientation, innovative teaching and learning methods as well as the highest quality standards.

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Danube University Krems is the leading public university for continuing education in Europe. As university for continuing education we specialize in enhancing the qualifications of working professionals. The strength of Danube University Krems is providing university courses that keep pace with the times and are oriented toward current and future societal challenges. More than 8,000 students are currently enrolled in Danube University Krems, more than 24,500 have already completed their studies successfully. Danube University Krems combines ongoing innovation in research and teaching with the highest standards and holds the seal of quality of the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (AQ Austria).


Programs of Study
Danube University Krems provides Master’s programs and shorter courses in the following areas:

Please find our complete study program in the current study guide or in our course catalogue.

Danube Business School. Department for Management and Economics.

„As a lifelong career coach and partner to our executives we cater to their specific needs with cutting-edge managerial knowledge delivered by flexible blended learning formats based on latest technology. This allows us to have a lasting impact on both, our managers’ careers and self-development and the recent challenges of the society.“

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Barbara Brenner
Head of Department


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