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4 semesters


Globalisation, customer demands and technological changes are just some of the factors that highly efficient companies need to deal with. This requires permanent rethinking of structures and business processes to stay competitive, something companies will only achieve if management embraces an analytically sound approach to complexity. To succeed in this environment one needs to combine specific knowledge with an ability to think holistically. Our Master in Management programme provides the necessary tools and concepts to kick-start a career in manufacturing, consulting and beyond. The systematic combination of principles of business and management specific courses cover the core of management. In addition the choice between the concentrations:

  • Marketing
  • Business Analytics
  • Strategy and Organisation
  • Digital Business
  • Technology & Operations

gives the programme an individual profile, offering an expertise in the field of interest. Study in small, focused groups of colleagues from all over the world and receive totally committed support from our Career Services to plan your way ahead in the professional sphere. Upon graduation you will have a wide array of career options. Your understanding of processes, business models and organisational structures will put you on the fast track to senior management.

Job description and job opportunities

The Master of Science in Management offers young talents the opportunity to develop an individual competence in process management and strategy. Analytical knowledge combined with a strong practical understanding and a highly flexible programme profile prepares students for a successful career in manufacturing, consulting or financial services.


Semester 1:

  • Accounting
  • Business Economics
  • Business Statistics
  • Finance
  • Marketing

    Semester 2:

    • Information Systems
    • Leadership & Organisational Behaviour
    • Strategic Management
    • Operations Management
    • Innovation Management

      Semester 3:

      • Evidence Based & Responsible Management

      Choose one Concentration:

      Customer Insights and Analytics 

      • Marketing Strategy
      • Marketing Analytics
      • Digital Marketing
      • Consumer Behaviour

      Strategy & Organisation 

      • Resource Allocation Strategy
      • Strategic Management Control
      • Scaling Digital Businesses
      • Marketing Strategy

      Technology & Operations 

      • Prescriptive Analytics
      • Predictive Analytics
      • Operations Strategy
      • Supply Chain Strategy

      Digital Business 

      • Digital Analytics
      • Digital Transformation
      • Digital Marketing
      • Digital Innovation

      Business Analytics

      • Digital Analytics
      • Marketing Analytics
      • Predictive Analytics
      • Prescriptive Analytics

      Semester 4:

      • 2 Electives
      • Master's Thesis

      Study Abroad:

      You haev the option to use the credits from your electives in semester 4 to study abroad

      Admission/Entrance requirements

      • First university degree (Bachelor or Diploma) of at least 180 ECTS credits, irrelevant of discipline
      • Excellent written and spoken English (TOEFL - 90 iBT, 577 ITP / IELTS 7.0 or equivalent)
      • Valid GMAT / GRE score or Frankfurt School Admission Test
      • Successful admissions interview

      Study fee

      • Registration fee: 100 Euro
      • Semester fee: 8,100 Euro
      • Total price: 32,500 Euro

      Early bird discount by March 31; 2,000 EUR


      • 3-day study model, allowing part-time employment
      • Practical problem-solving exercises, analysis and application
      • International Alumni network of business leaders and entrepreneurs
      • Partnerships with leading global corporates in finance, tech and consultancy
      • Access to innovation, sustainability and international start-ups
      • Specialise your programme with one of our 5 concentrations
      • 120 ECTS

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      All educational, research and consulting activities are focused on finance and management. By finance, we mean crossfunctional financial activities at all companies that deal with financial management. And by management, we mean classical corporate leadership, where managers deploy employees and resources in such a way that the company’s goals are met as cost-effectively as possible. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management originated in the financial sector, but today our services enjoy increasing appreciation in other business sectors as well. In the future, we will be continuing to expand our national and international networking with the business community.


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