Bachelor of Science

Management, Philosophy & Economics (BSc)

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7 semesters
7.700 Euro per semester


Today’s world is more demanding than ever. You will need strong analytical and methodological skills to make the right decisions in data-rich environments. But you will also need to evaluate normative implications and traverse different disciplines to find the best solutions to intricate and multi-faceted problems.


The Bachelor of Science in Management, Philosophy & Economics equips you with exactly the set of skills you need to succeed in this world: By uniquely combining the scientific rigour of economics and the analytical acuity of philosophy with comprehensive training in business studies, it gives our students an incomparable international education and distinct advantage in the global marketplace.

Key Facts:

  • Language of instruction: English
  • Study full-time
  • One semester abroad and internship with international experience included
  • Oxford/Cambridge-style supervisions
  • 210 ECTS

Job description and job opportunities

What's next? Future careers and employability

The MPE is a door-opener: It enables you to pursue careers in business and finance, in academia, philosophy and politics-oriented fields. The MPE is also an ice-breaker: By combining your business studies with philosophy, it makes you stand out from the crowd and triggers curiosity from future employers. As such, our alumni are successful in many walks of life: Some are business founders, others start successful professional careers straightaway, and others again continue their studies with a Master’s degree – in management, politics, finance, philosophy or economics – often at renowned international universities.

Excellent Career Prospects

Given the Frankfurt School’s excellent reputation, our Bachelor programme offers outstanding career prospects. From day one, our Career Services support you in your individual career management and enable you to expand your professional network through exclusive events. Through our career and application workshops, the FS Mentoring Programme and our FS job fairs, we help you gain all the requisite skills to promote a seamless transition from your studies into the career of your choice.



How do you make a good decision? Experience certainly helps, but you also need the ability to take apart a problem from different perspectives, shifting quickly from finance to technology to marketing to sales and back again. Vast amounts of information need to be processed and different interests integrated; but you also need to explain solutions to different audiences and convince them of your conclusions. MPE graduates excel not only in detail mastery of the methods used in today’s business, but also in seeing the big picture.


Studying philosophy is all about improving your analytical and critical thinking. By training you to strip away irrelevant details of a problem and assess the merits of competing solutions, philosophy enables you to cut right to the chase and forces you to give concise and convincing arguments for your position. But philosophy also investigates the most pressing political and moral challenges of our time. Our unique combination of formal and normative philosophical expertise thus gives our MPE graduates the edge in their future careers, not only by teaching them how to tackle normative problems and think more astutely, but also by making them see unexpected connections and challenge complacency.


Economic methods form the core of the MPE formal curriculum, drawing on cutting-edge research by faculty at Frankfurt School in behavioural economics, game and decision theory, computational social science and machine learning. The MPE programme is one of a kind in introducing students to the standard economic frameworks for solving judgement and decision problems, including empirically informed models of decision-making from behavioural economics, and modern machine learning methods in computational social sciences.


  • Recognised university entrance qualification (German "Abitur" or equivalent) - If you have yet to graduate, then you can apply by uploading your last two school reports.
  • Frankfurt School Admissions Test or one of the following test scores: SAT, ACT or TestAS plus a standardised English test (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge or Pearson)
  • Letter of motivation (optional)

Study fee

  • Registration fee: 100,00 Euro
  • Semester fee: 7.700,00 Euro (Tuition fee for semester abroad may differ dpending on the chosen partner institution)

Bachelor Prep Course - Pre-University Foundation Programme

Would you like to study at Frankfurt School but do not yet meet the requirements for direct entry into our bachelor programme? Or perhaps you want to get a solid foundation before moving on to the next level of education? The two-semester Pre-University Foundation Programme taught entirely in English will prepare you academically for the rigour of undergraduate studies at Frankfurt School.

Perfect preparation for studying at Frankfurt School
Undergraduate studies in bachelor programmes at Frankfurt School are rigorous and academically demanding. To perform well, it is crucial to possess excellent mathematical and language skills. During the Foundation Programme, we prepare you perfectly for what will come next by providing a finely curated curriculum:

  • Foundations of Economics
  • Mathematics for Business
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Academic & Business English
  • German as a Foreign Language

Along with these core modules, you will also select one of the specialisations that will give you a head start upon enrolling in one of our bachelor programmes.

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