Master of Business Administration and Engineering

Master of Business Administration and Engineering

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3 semesters


The weighting of the course content of the MBA&E establishes a dual focus on topics drawn equally from business administration and technological subjects. Graduates from this course are equipped not only with exceptional specialist skills, but develop an analytical mind-set applicable to a variety of industries and business functions. We seek to train every MBA&E graduate to become a robust, interdisciplinary problem solver – professional, creative and collaborative.

The MBA&E is a practical business programme. The lectures are based on the application of theory to business practice. The MBA&E professors and lecturers (the majority of whom have completed a PhD) all have a considerable experience in business with a solid background in industry. The modules in the course curriculum consist of a combination of lectures, guided independent work, presentations and team projects. The exceptionally diverse nature of the student body in MBA&E enables its participants to widen their collaborative skills in an interdisciplinary, multicultural context. MBA&E students thus not only learn, but grow.

Students can choose between alternative specializations:

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Interdisciplinary Management (IM)
  • Automotive Management (AM)

The specializations are build on the same MBA&E interdisciplinary program and provide students with the opportunity to lay the foundations for a future career path. Availability permitting, classes can be combined. The regular duration of the course is three semesters. The first two semesters consist of seminars, lectures, projects and excursions, instructed and guided by HTW professors and external lecturers. The Master's thesis is written during the third semester. A single-semester internship is possible but not compulsory. The language of instruction is English.

Job description and job opportunities

Our highest priority is to provide support in student professional advancement. The design of the MBA&E is based on the experience of its lecturers and partners and provides a clear-cut balance between solid management and technological skills, and functional specialization. The application of technology has advanced to become a key performance factor, vital to every corporate strategy. The MBA&E equips its students with a combination of managerial and technological skills vital to a successful career in business.

Students taking the option Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) acquire specific skills in understanding and managing business processes across multiple organizations. Although often found in corporate support services, the skills thus learnt are applicable to any outsourcing setting. BPO is one of the fastest developing global industries, providing career chances in any industry on the client side, as well as at the numerous outsourcing service providers.

The option Interdisciplinary Management (IM) teaches the skills to enable our graduates to provide effective support in any interdisciplinary projects. This also covers the ability to analyse complex customer requirements and to deliver the expected results as the manager or member of an interdisciplinary team.


1st and 2nd Semester:

Specialization 1: Business Process Outsourcing

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Special Topics in Business Administration
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing Technology and Business Technology
  • Communication in International Networks
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Strategy, Organization and HR Management
  • Corporate Finance and Controlling
  • New Technologies and Innovation
  • Project Engineering Management
  • Data Management and Business Performance Management
  • Project Shared Services, BPO and Offshoring

Specialization 2: Interdisciplinary Management

  • Strategy, Organization and HR Management
  • Corporate Finance and Controlling
  • New Technologies and Innovation
  • Manufacturing Technology and Business Technology
  • International Project Management
  • Systems Engineering
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Special Topics in Business Administration
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Project Engineering Management
  • Leadership, Communication an Decision-Making
  • Project Industrial Engineering

Specialization 3: Automotive Management

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Special Topics in Business Administration
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing Technology and Business Technology
  • Automotive Management I
  • Alternative Drive-Train Technologies
  • Strategy, Organization and HR Management
  • Corporate Finance and Controlling
  • New Technologies and Innovation
  • Project Engineering Management
  • Safety; Quality Management and Car Concepts
  • Automotive Management II

3rd Semester:

Master's thesis

Writing a Master's thesis, final semester students address a complex business problem of their choice under expert and close guidance from a member of staff. Enabling the student to demonstrate their new-found expertise, a successful Master's thesis represents the perfect calling card for job applicants. Not only an indication of in depth knowledge of a specific business field, the Master's thesis also demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the academic method. In addition to supervision, The MBA&E programme office provides support in the form of materials, workshops and personal consultation.

Admission/Entrance requirements

In order to be considered for admission to the course, students require a minimum of:

  • A Bachelor's degree or an international equivalent (at least 180 ECTS credits). We prefer degrees from a relevant field but are prepared to consider applications from any discipline.
  • At least one year of relevant work experience after graduation
  • Fluency in the English language:
  • A minimum score of 570 in the paper-based TOEFL test
  • A minimum score of 230 in the computer-based TOEFL test
  • A minimum score of 88 in the internet-based TOEFL test
  • A minimum score of 6.5 in the IELTS test
  • Other certificates or proofs of proficiency may be considered, please consult us separately

Tuition fees:

The tuition fee amounts to 10.000 (ten thousand) Euros. The fee covers the entire programme and include transport and accommodation for all compulsory excursions. This sum can be paid in two instalments:

  • First instalment (50%) before commencement of the course
  • Second instalment (50%) before commencement of the second semester

In addition, a fee of ca. 283,93 Euros per semester is a pre-condition of enrolment. In return, students receive a ticket enabling them to unlimited public transportation ticket in Berlin and its environs (zones ABC).

Excursion programme

The MBA&E programme of excursions is an integral part of the course. Throughout the two study semesters, the students have the opportunity to visit a number of multinational companies and professional events in Germany and possibly abroad. Travel and accommodation are included in the tuition fees. The excursions are organized and led by the MBA&E programme manager.

Teamwork and communication skills:

Students of the course are given the opportunity to develop the crucial skills involved in modern business practice in a working-by-doing manner, learning to navigate challenging assignments in a variety of team settings. The course imparts the whole range of effective collaboration, communication, presentation and argumentation skills required by the modern business environment.


Students have the opportunity to complete a full-time internship during the third semester, postponing completion of their Master's thesis to the fourth semester. We encourage international students to complete an internship in Germany as a part of their studies. The MBA&E programme office provides assistance both in finding a work placement and during its course.

The MBA&E family

The MBA&E is more than a course of study. Enrolment on the course represents induction into a mutually supporting network of international young professionals. The members of our constantly growing alumni network are employed by a number of multinational firms and SMEs; the network also includes entrepreneurs, scientists and even politicians. Through maintenance of this alumni scheme and contact to other international stakeholders (e.g. leading companies), the programme office ensures that the MBA&E is firmly embedded within an extensive international network.

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