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Develop holistic concepts for green buildings. The professional study course Master Green Architecture (taught in english) is being offered by the Wismar University of Applied Sciences: Technology, Business and Design (Germany). The aim of our Master Green Architecture is to provide the tools and the technical knowledge necessary for understanding complex 'ecological building' design. The inter-university degree program provides knowledge about ecosystems, sustainable technical cycles, urban and building ecology, in particular energy saving and building construction, planning and design aspects.

This will enable you how to apply scientific methods to convey and develop your own ideas independently in the USA and abroad. Our professors and lecturers are themselves practicing architects, scientists and researchers from a variety of universities and research institutes, bringing with them innovative research and academic experience. The compulsary seminars will be held over one week each semester. Students that are attending will need to travel to the following locations: Wismar, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Freiburg.

Career options

Would you like to be a part of our interdisciplinary and team-oriented master program and learn how to design a good architecture worldwide, by considering of our environment?

Intention and Goal:
The theme building and environment has become one of the most important topics regarding the future of building also in the USA. It is deemed essential in the rapidly growing cities with large, mostly underdeveloped infrastructure, as well as in developed regions, which are often elaborately constructed, yet incorporate no sustainable concepts which value the environment. The goal, to establish and reinforce sustainable and holistically considered standards of practice, requires necessary changes to the whole planning and building process.

Salient features:
The state recognized "Master of Science" degree will provide you with multiple career opportunities and promotion prospects, as an employee or as an independent practitioner.

Professional Fields of Work:
Specialists are increasingly sought after in both the commercial and public environments, for the promotion of large building projects, as well as in the private sector, for smaller development requests. The areas of work range from master planning of cities and regional developments, to building design and the application of materials.


1. Semester

  • General Sciences
  • Presentation and Design
  • Planning and design within existing buildings

2. Semester

  • Energy-efficient Architecture
  • Planning and design: new buildings, Design Project I
  • Resource-efficient, Low-pollutant Architecture
  • Architecture and Environment

3. Semester

  • Specialisation A: Urban Planning, Design Project II
  • Specialisation B: Refurbishment, Design Project II

4. Semester

  • Master’s Seminar

Admission Requirement

The Master Green Architecture is a further education program. To be admitted into our program you need to meet the following requirements:

  • academic degree (Bachelor's, Master's, Diploma) in Architecture completed with a minimum of 180 credit points obtained from a national or international university, and
  • at least one year of professional work experience within the related field after completing your academic degree

Please contact us to discuss in detail the admission requirements related to your personal situation.


The tuition fee of 3,950 EUR ( approx. 4.600 USD) per semester includes:

  • teaching and examination costs
  • costs of the Master Thesis
  • studying material
  • event catering
  • costs for excursions during seminars
  • as well as accommodation expenses during the seminars

You can also pay the semester fee in monthly installments. We are happy to discuss this with you individually. There are a variety of sources of funding available depending on your nationality, employment and other factors.


Would you like to be a part of our international group of professors and students and visit relevant and state of the art sustainable buildings in Germany? The Master Green Architecture is a part time and career-integrated study program comprising of a standard four semesters of study.

Self-directed study is combined with on campus seminars (attended in person) and online lectures in the form of video conferences. The program is conceptualised to allow the students to structure their own study schedule. The obligatory workshop seminars will be held over one week per semester. Attendees will need to travel to our national locations: Wismar, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Freiburg.

The supplementary video conferences will take place during the semester between the on campus seminars. During the video conferences you will have the possibility to discuss with your lecturers fundamental questions, design related queries, or any other matters. With such an organisational structure we assure an optimal compatibility of your studies with your professional activities.

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